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The Smart Way To Save For A Child's Education

College education is expensive. This isn’t news. In Tennessee, the average cost for in-state tuition is nearly $15,000 a year. That number will increase—sharply—if your child chooses to attend a private school, or pursue studies out-of-state.

Most parents and grandparents understand that paying for a child’s education requires a great deal of planning. Starting to save early is crucial. But there are multiple ways to save, and selecting the appropriate approach can be confusing—and stressful. As such, it’s important to understand the options from the very outset. 

What can happen when nonprofits are noncompliant?

Starting and running a nonprofit organization is a considerable challenge. Between raising money, securing the necessary exemptions and maximizing your charitable contributions and services, there is a lot that organizers and board members need to consider.

Unfortunately, no matter how well intentioned you may be, you could run into some serious issues and ultimately lose tax exemption if you do not comply with the necessary regulations.

3 rules we teach our kids that might help in a divorce

Parents across Brentwood try to teach their children positive ways of dealing with adversity and resolving conflicts peacefully. However, it can be very difficult to follow our own advice sometimes.

For instance, if you are getting divorced, then you might find yourself saying things or acting out in ways you wouldn't have expected. Under these circumstances, you might want to think about a few of the lessons we often teach our kids and how they might help cope with and get through a divorce.

How an attorney can help you form your business

If you are looking to start a business, you may be most concerned with developing the product or service you plan to offer and setting yourself apart from the competition. You also must consider what type of business you want in the first place.

Before you decide on anything, it would be a good idea to talk to an attorney with experience in business formation who can help you in a few crucial ways.

What to consider if you want to leave unequal inheritances

Every parent knows that it can be a struggle to maintain fairness when it comes to giving gifts to their kids.

Feelings of unfairness can be upsetting for kids of any age, including adult children, and it can make estate planning particularly challenging for parents who want to leave their children inheritances that are not monetarily equal. If you are thinking of leaving your kids different-sized inheritances, there are some steps you should consider taking to make your decision less divisive.

How The Elderly Can Protect Their Rights

More than 1.5 million American adults are under the care of guardians, who have broad jurisdiction to make financial and medical decisions on behalf of their wards. For the most part, guardians act responsibly. They are family members or professionals who, out of a sense of duty, care for individuals who are too vulnerable or ill to care for themselves.

However, a recent article in The New Yorker makes clear the dangers of the U.S. guardianship system. Simply put, individuals whose only motive is to make profits can establish themselves as guardians, and, with surprisingly little interference, take control of their wards’ assets and use them for personal gain.

Do churches or the courts decide when disputes arise?

Churches today share some similarities with non-religious organizations in how they are run. For instance, church operators need to think about tax-exempt status, employment requirements, insurance and property ownership just as any other business operator would.

Despite some similarities, though, churches are not the same as non-religious organizations. This can make it difficult to understand how to resolve disputes that involve the operation of a church. Recently, the Tennessee Supreme Court weighed in on this issue

Signing a commercial lease? Watch for problematic clauses

Leasing commercial space to operate your business is an important process for any business owner. You want to be confident that the space fits your needs as well as your budget, and it may take you some time to find the right property.

Once you do find the space you are looking for, however, you should not rush through the steps to secure it. It is important that you review the lease closely and look out for any clauses or conditions that could ultimately hurt your business.

3 reasons to talk to your parents about estate planning

No matter how close you are to your parents, it can be very difficult to discuss certain topics with them, like the topics of estate planning and end-of-life care choices. Because of this, many adult children never talk to their parents about things like their wills, trusts or advanced care directives.

However, for a few reasons we discuss below, it can be crucial that you make a concerted effort to sit down with your parents and have a discussion about estate planning

Alternative dispute resolution methods that keep you out of court

Running your own business can be a massive endeavor, whether you are just starting up or you have been operating for generations. And no matter how long you have been operating, there is the potential for legal issues to arise and threaten the future of your business.

Legal issues can stem from employment disputes, contract breaches or the protection of intellectual property. As a business owner, you likely want to resolve these matters as quickly, quietly and effectively as possible, which is why you may want to pursue an alternative method of dispute resolution.

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