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Alternative dispute resolution methods that keep you out of court

Running your own business can be a massive endeavor, whether you are just starting up or you have been operating for generations. And no matter how long you have been operating, there is the potential for legal issues to arise and threaten the future of your business.

Legal issues can stem from employment disputes, contract breaches or the protection of intellectual property. As a business owner, you likely want to resolve these matters as quickly, quietly and effectively as possible, which is why you may want to pursue an alternative method of dispute resolution.

How (And Why) Religious Organizations Get Tax-Exempt Status

In recognition of their first-amendment rights, as well as their general importance to American culture, the U.S. government has enacted special tax laws that apply to churches and other religious organizations. Specifically, these entities are typically exempt from having to pay income tax and, likewise, are usually able to receive tax-exempt contributions.

Yet obtaining this tax-exempt status is not always a straightforward process. When first establishing themselves, religious organizations must be careful to meet a broad range of criteria to ensure they comply with federal law. In many cases, faith leaders have found it beneficial to obtain qualified legal advice when pursuing tax benefits.

4 ways your estate plan can benefit your children

Parents spend their lives trying to protect their kids and make life better for them. And these efforts can last long after a parent passes away if he or she has in place a comprehensive estate plan.

Unfortunately, if you are a parent who puts off estate planning or does partial planning, you could be leaving your kids unprotected in ways you might not anticipate. Below are four ways an estate plan can protect and provide for your kids after you are gone. 

Adopting a stepchild? Know about termination of parental rights

Making the decision to adopt a stepchild is one of the greatest things a stepparent can do. And while it may be an easy decision based on the parent-child relationship that has been built, the legal process can be more complicated.

This is particularly true when it comes to terminating a biological parent's rights so that you can adopt. Below, we look at the two ways a parent's rights can be terminated, as well as what you can do as the adoptive parent to make the process a little easier.

Divorcing Tennessee parents need to ensure kids feel loved

Facing the stress of divorce may be many Tennessee residents' worst nightmare. However, when children are involved in these proceedings, parents may want to remember that their kids can also face a considerable deal of stress during this time. Therefore, individuals concerned with custody and other areas of family law should determine how to potentially make the situation easier on their children.

One of the most obvious -- though sometimes overlooked -- ways to help children through divorce is to ensure that they still feel loved. Because it may be easy to get wrapped up in the various tasks that come along with dissolving a marriage, providing attention to children may sometimes fall to the wayside. In order to hopefully prevent feelings of insecurity, parents may want to make sure that they reassure their kids that they are loved by both parents.

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