Intellectual Property Registration, Litigation And Appeals

Your intellectual property is an important asset that provides you with the competitive edge in branding, marketing and solidifying your position in the marketplace. Whether you are a small business owner, artist, writer, corporation or entrepreneur, you need to take the steps to identify and create a strategy for acquiring, protecting and exploiting valuable intellectual property assets.

Ignoring intellectual property-related issues invites potentially costly litigation for infringing on the intellectual property rights of others.

At Fidelis Law, PLLC, we can help you develop a comprehensive strategy for identifying, registering, protecting and utilizing your intellectual property while managing your portfolio and avoiding unnecessary litigation.

Handling And Resolving Copyright And Trademark Suits

Our intellectual property attorneys in Brentwood serve clients throughout Middle Tennessee. We manage all legal aspects of trademark/trade dress suits, unfair competition claims, trade secret violations/theft claims and other related business torts in state and federal courts. Our team ensures that our clients are prepared to make informed decisions, and we are attentive to our clients' legal needs throughout litigation.

We manage costs and advocate for swift resolution, clearly laying out customized strategies for every unique situation we handle. With a firm grasp on the procedural aspects of intellectual property claims, you will benefit from our efficient and personalized legal work.

We Assist Our Clients In The Following Areas

  • Trademark/trade dress
  • Trademark search and selection
  • Trademark registration, including pre- and post-registration
  • Trademark protection and defense
  • Trademark contracts and licensing
  • Proper use of trademarks
  • Trademark litigation and appeals
  • Copyright registration and recordation of assignment
  • Use and protection of your copyrighted work
  • Copyright infringement
  • Copyright contracts and licenses
  • Fair use
  • Copyright litigation and appeals
  • Patent protection
  • Patent searches
  • Patent application
  • Patent prosecution
  • Patent defense
  • Patent litigation and appeals

We involve our clients throughout the legal process and safeguard their interests. Regardless of your industry and the technicalities of your trademark, copyright or patent, we are excited to help you.

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