Family Client Feedback

"I have found Jim Foster to be very professional, thorough and completely trustworthy while showing genuine interest in assisting me with my legal matters. I greatly appreciate his Christian values and the effort made to guide me to appropriate and sound decisions. His personal warmth with which he counseled me was exceptional."
– James

"When it came time for my wife and I to update our wills, our financial adviser recommended strongly that we contact Jim Foster at Fidelis Law. We are so glad we did. Jim was a pleasure to work with and he knew just the right questions to ask to make sure our family and our estate will be cared for after we are gone. We highly recommend Jim and Fidelis Law to anyone who asks."
– Mike and Dianne

"Integrity, efficiency, honesty, truth, knowledge, wisdom — All are difficult to find in any profession. I recommend Jim Foster of Fidelis Law as having all of these qualities and more. He has served us well in several different areas of law and is consistently prompt and personal."
– Casey and David

"Working with Fidelis Law has been a pleasure. I feel the attorneys at Fidelis Law meet me where I am at any given point, whether that be a simple everyday guy in need of simple everyday advice, or something much more sophisticated, the need, whatever it is can be met. I especially appreciate their foundation belief in Biblical principles in guiding our decisions."
- Mark

"Fidelis Law helped me navigate my way out of a complicated issue and pointed me toward a solution, quickly and compassionately."
- Steve

"Both my family, along with two companies that I manage, have all been blessed to work with Robert Pautienus and Fidelis Law. In my 23 years of business, I can personally testify that Fidelis Law is by far the most caring, wise, diligent and hard-working team of professionals my staff and my family have been served and supported by. They are people you can count on, always being consistent and loyal. Fidelis is a team of friends who will be there through your good days and also your challenging days. They go beyond the call of duty, and surpass your expectations of what a law firm normally does. I highly recommend Fidelis."
- Stacy

"I've worked with Fidelis on some delicate business decisions and here is what I've learned: they are fast, they follow through and they walk through each scenario with you in terms you can understand."
- Evan

"Fidelis Law was recommended by my financial advisor. Best recommendation I have ever received. From Will/Trust document generation to contract agreements for my business. They all worked with my specific needs and worked together with my CPA to make things just right from all angles."
- Marcos

"The bottom line is Integrity. Once I saw for myself that Nicholas Tidwell would state what he would do, and ALWAYS did what he said, I was able to have confidence and peace. That included regular personal phone and email responses to my questions and concerns. Professional and wise counsel, I am very grateful to have found Mr. Tidwell and Fidelis Law."
- Jan

"Before my husband and I found out about Fidelis Law, no other Attorneys came close to even knowing how to help me in my situation. Fidelis Law won my case and I will never forget how kind and compassionate they were to us. My situation was different, as I was going up against Metro Nashville Public Schools and Fidelis Law was not afraid to take the case. I will always be grateful."
- Peggy

"Robert Pautienus of Fidelis Law handled my late husband's estate. He was always available to me and my children whether in person, by email or by phone. It was an overwhelming and stressful procedure for me but Mr. Pautienus helped me deal with it all with his knowledge, patience and kindness. Thank you, Mr. Pautienus, for all you have done for us."
- Donna

"Not long after moving to Nashville, my daughter was involved in a traffic accident. Fortunately, she was not seriously injured; however, we felt we needed an attorney to assist us with our claim. My wife contacting Fidelis Law. Even though it was a small case, Mr. Tidwell handled it with true professionalism and compassion. He will definitely be our first choice when we need and attorney in the future."
- Brad

"My wife and I enjoyed working with Fidelis Law and Nick Tidwell in particular. We were impressed with the patience and courtesy shown to us, the thoroughness of work in preparing our Revocable Living Trust and other documents, the atmosphere of dignity and respect for life exhibited, and the value of what we received vs. the expense we incurred. We will recommend Fidelis Law PLLC to others."
- Marshall

"Working with Fidelis Law is such a pleasure. They always provide sagged advice with all possible options for every situation. It is such a nice feeling to trust your lawyer and know that he truly does have your best interest in mind. In addition to setting up my business, Robert has prepared my estate planning. I love the personal touch."
- Betsy

"Fidelis Law has represented me in two different cases. They were always readily available and always kept me updated. In addition to superior Legal Knowledge, Mr. Tidwell has the heart of a caring friend. When your life is upended by Legal threats, it is comforting to have Fidelis Law beside you."
- Jonathan

"Fidelis Law was invaluable in helping me through the difficult and emotional process of filing for and proceeding with divorce. Even before taking my case they took some time to prayerfully consider it. Not only did they patiently walk me through the entire process and clearly answer all of my questions, no matter how trivial, they also took the time to pray for me before each of our meetings! They clearly go above and beyond and being able to trust them allowed me "to be anxious for nothing" and to focus on putting my life back together."
- Kallie

"In 2008 the economy changed and our real estate office had to close due to lack of funds. We did not have the income to pay our lease commitment so we needed help. God answered our prayers and we were directed to Nick and Fidelis Law. The first thing we did was pray and with his God given skills we were able to settle the debt. This firm has integrity and with God's help they will help ease your worries! Thank you Fidelis Law for your assistance"
- Jim and Pam

"Over the last four years, we have been blessed to have Fidelis Law represent us in both business and personal matters. Our attorney proved to be extremely knowledgeable; he consistently went above and beyond, and was never too busy to speak with us. The name Fidelis Law PLLC is absolutely perfect for this firm. Since "Fidelis" is latin for faithful, loyal and true - without deception or fraud - you cannot get more accurate than this."
- Richard and Susan

"From the first meeting to the latest emails and phone calls we have always received the best service possible . The firm has helped us thru the best and worst of times. Many Thanks"
- Andrew, Brenda, and Betty

"When a lawyer is needed it is important to have one who is trustworthy and willing to go the extra mile. I have found Nick Tidwell to be bright, willing to work hard for me as his client, and with the extra benefit of him praying with and for me. These are rare comments about attorneys, but they should be the norm. I highly recommend the team at Fidelis Law because they are professional, knowledgeable, sensitive, kind, understanding, and passionate about the care of their clients."
- Patti

"We meet Robert Pautienus through a professional investment company I use. He was putting on a seminar about estate planning. After the meeting we if he would be willing to review our Trust documents, including our will, to make sure the documents were correct and current. Also, we wanted to make some changes since our family had recently grown. Shortly thereafter, he meet with my wife and me, reviewed our information and made some recommendations. He was not only courteous but he was patient and he thoroughly answered all of our questions. Within two weeks he meet with us a second time to sign the updated documents. We would not hesitate to use Robert and Fidelis Law and we are proud to recommend them to others, which we have done."
- Sammy and Claudia

"I am very happy to have done business with Fidelis Law, from both a morale and legal stance. The firm will only do as they feel led, both from legal and scriptural discipline. When they go to work for a client they give all. When they go to work for a client they and their client can expect to have victory. I will continue to use Fidelis Law for any legal matters I have."
- Ricky

"My family and I have been clients of the Fidelis Law Firm for more than 15 years. In every situation our attorney demonstrated proficiency in the law, accessibility, professionalism and a genuine concern for our well-being. We are fortunate to have the attorneys of Fidelis Law representing us."
- Denise

"We truly believe that Nicholas Tidwell is the best of the best. He is one that listens to clients, and genuinely cares. We were counseled with advice that we desperately needed, and Nick worked diligently to resolve our case. We speak highly of Fidelis Law, because we trust them. We admire their unparalleled integrity, and appreciate that they provide such excellent counsel to their clients."
- Rodney and Tiffany

"I appreciate the personal atmosphere while doing business with Fidelis Law. You have made my family feel at home and that has been very comforting to me. I feel you and your associates have Christian values and I trust your guidance with my family's legal needs. I wouldn't think twice about calling Fidelis Law if we have further needs for an attorney."
- Jack

"Nick Tidwell of Fidelis Law is wonderful to work with. He is knowledgeable, caring and makes the client feel reassured. He successfully guided us through a very difficult time. We appreciated his Godly perspective as demonstrated by opening each appointment with prayer"
- Walt and Donna

"I am excited to be able to express my appreciation and high regards for Fidelis Law PLLC! As one who had no experience in handling estate probates, Fidelis Law took on the heart of a teacher and shepherd as they guided me throughout the entire process. They provided great counsel, worked extremely hard, and resolved the matter expeditiously and professionally. Most of all, they have the personal touch of relationship. I went there to obtain legal counsel. I left with a friend!"
- Daniel

"I have worked with Fidelis Law Firm on multiple occasions. I have found the staff to be polite and very accommodating to my needs. Nick Tidwell has always been courteous, prompt and knowledgable with the work I have entrusted him. Confidence has been a priority to them. I will always use Fidelis for any legal needs I may have."
- Debbie

"My husband passed away suddenly last September. He did not have a will and I was overwhelmed with the legal and financial decisions and procedures. Some of my friends at church knew Mr. Pautienus and recommended that I contact him. First, he was very kind and sympathetic to my situation. He explained to me the legal steps that needed to be taken and then proceeded to go to work. He kept me informed every step of the way, and now, early February, we are almost finished with the process. The attorneys at Fidelis Law are knowledgeable, efficient and trustworthy. I give them my highest recommendation. Thank you. I cannot imagine trying to do all of this myself."
- Donna

"My husband and I first visited Robert Pautienus to learn more about Special Needs Trust planning for our son with Autism. We were so impressed with Robert Pautienus' professionalism, as well as his compassion and heartfelt desire to understand Autism and the needs of our child. In 2008, when I first set out to incorporate the Brown Center for Autism as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, I had no doubt who to entrust with the guidance of this process from beginning to end. Our agency continues to thrive today, and counts Robert Pautienus as long time, reliable advocate and friend."
- Juli

"Mr. Pautienus was absolutely fantastic after the death of my father and helping me with the Living Trust my father had set up over 8 years before. My father also thought the world of the all of the partners at Fidelis Law"
- MaryAnn

"From the time I first consulted Robert Pautienus in 2007 about a personal legal matter, he has advised me wisely on a number of issues. I quickly noted that he sought to give me the legal advice that best suited my particular need. He never has offered "cookie cutter" answers. I believe he and the other members of the Fidelis Law adhere to the highest principles and ethics in the practice of law. The new name "Fidelis Law" is an excellent choice to describe this firm. It literally reflects the genuine character traits of its attorneys, namely, integrity, honesty, and loyalty."
- Dr. Morris H. Chapman, Former President and CEO of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention, Nashville, Tennessee

"Fidelis Law has been an excellent resource in supporting the needs of my business. They are extremely professional and very detail-oriented. In the midst of complex issues, they operate with the heart of a teacher. I trust the team at Fidelis Law."
- Bob

"My wife and I were in search of a honest Christian based law firm that would have our beliefs and best interest in mind; that is exactly what we found at Fidelis. During every visit we have always been treating with the highest level of respect and professionalism. Fidelis have assisted us in estate planning, starting our LLC and trademarking our product."
- Nick

"I could not be more pleased with Nick Tidwell, and the entire Fidelis Law team! They have represented my wife and I on several occasions, covering multiple areas of law. They have consistently provided solid law advice, but more importantly the counsel is always in line with God's word. I highly recommend Fidelis Law for all your legal needs!"
- Brent