4 holiday mistakes that can impact a divorce

The holidays can be very upsetting for people going through a divorce. You may not feel like celebrating; family gatherings can feel awkward and isolating; financial strain can cause anxiety; parents can feel especially depressed when their kids are with the other parent.

Under these circumstances, it is not unusual for people to make some missteps during the holiday season, intentionally or not. However, it is crucial that you avoid certain mistakes if you are going through a divorce during the holidays.

  1. Overspending-There is nothing wrong with giving gifts to your kids or doing something special during the holidays, especially during a difficult transition. However, overspending can cause considerable financial strain for you and exacerbate disputes over property division, so keep purchases reasonable and responsible.
  2. Abusing drugs and/or alcohol-Abusing drugs or alcohol is never the answer.  It can put your physical safety in danger and lead to bad decisions. You could wind up arrested or in the hospital, take a financial, legal and personal toll on your and having a direct impact on your divorce. 
  3. Harassing an ex-Calling your ex, hacking into his or her social media account, repeatedly driving by his or her house to see who is there, or crashing parties where you expect him or her to be are all harassing behaviors. If you engage in these or other forms of harassment, you could face legal penalties, including a restraining order.
  4. Refusing to comply with custody orders-It is imperative that you comply with court orders for custody, even if they are temporary. If you fail to, you could be accused of custodial interference and your custodial rights and parenting time could be in jeopardy, not to mention the safety of your child.

No one is perfect, and people sometimes make unwise decisions when they are going through a very difficult time. However, these and similar mistakes have the potential to upset not just the holidays, but also to impact your life coming out of a divorce. 

If you have any questions about avoiding missteps that could have an impact on your divorce, child custody, property division or other family law matter, it would be wise to ask your attorney.

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