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How do you make health care decisions if you are unconscious?

You see news stories about injury accidents in Tennessee all the time, and the number of ways you might end up incapacitated can be terrifying if you think about it too long. If you are suddenly in a situation where you cannot tell the medical personnel what type of care you want, who will decide? What if the decision is something you would never agree to if you were conscious?

What does a copyright protect?

If you are a writer, composer, artist, software developer, photographer or other creative person living in Tennessee, you should obtain copyright protection for your creations so that other people cannot use them without your permission or make false claims that they created them rather than you. Obtainig protection from the U.S. Copyright Office protects your intellectual property.

Using strategic presentation to protect business concepts

For many entrepreneurs in Tennessee, the thought of starting a business from an original idea is met with great excitement and anticipation for the future. Developing a concept from an idea to an actual product or service requires an immense amount of time and dedication. One of the biggest risks that entrepreneurs face is being able to protect their business concepts from being stolen and replicated. 

Successful blended families and stepparent adoption

When a blended family forms, you and your partner begin to forge a new life together with the children from one or both of your previous relationships. The rewards can be tremendous, but there can be challenges as well. With new children comes new rules, new demands and new expectations. If you’re willing to meet those challenges, a blended family can be, well, successfully blended.

Preventing divorce from hurting an investment portfolio

For couples seeking a divorce in Tennessee, rarely does a day go by where they are not met with uncertainty and concern about the future. Often, many critical decisions need to be made within a brief period of time that will greatly affect a couple's future. These decisions range from negotiating child custody agreements to discussing how shared assets, finances and investments will be fairly split between two people. 

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