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Starting up, operating and growing a nonprofit organization of any kind is purposeful work, but often, very challenging. With the right legal help, the most complicated tasks can be completed efficiently, and the toughest decisions can be made with clear strategy and clear conscience.

At Fidelis Law, PLLC, we help our clients understand all options available in each legal issue they face. We will help you understand consequences, opportunities and how to plan in the best interests of your organization. Navigating the legal process effectively can be daunting, but our work relieves you of the burdens and offers you peace of mind.

Ensuring your organization's compliance with necessary laws is critical due to various allowances given and regulations required for starting and operating a nonprofit.

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We are accessible to our clients and available where needed. Our attorneys actively engage in nonprofit law issues throughout the Nashville area, nationally and internationally, and offer speaking engagements for nonprofit organizations.

Our legal work and experience spans the breadth of nonprofit law:

Legal pitfalls abound in each of these legal areas. Our goal is to help you navigate these while preserving financial resources and preventing legal issues from detracting from your organization's primary mission.

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