Business LAW

Forming A Business In Tennessee

Legal Assistance To Guide Your Informed Decisions

There are a litany of difficult and consequential decisions to make when starting a business of any type. This is both an exciting adventure and a daunting undertaking when you realize the legal aspects of forming a business. With countless, pivotal decisions to make, you need a trusted adviser to guide you through the processes of:

  • Entity selection
  • Business governance
  • Naming the business
  • Financing the business
  • Licensing
  • Permitting
  • Insurance selection
  • Legal and regulatory compliance

Establishing A Solid Business Plan From The Beginning

It's the key to running a successful, prosperous company. Each business owner, family and board that we serve is unique. Each business has a different mission, a different structure and different needs. Our team works alongside you, and our attorneys walk you through the course of establishing your business.

We help you understand tax liability and the business implications and disadvantages associated with each possible business entity available to you. We will draft the appropriate state and federal documents necessary to create your S corporation, C corporation, limited liability company (LLC), professional corporation (PC), limited liability partnership (LLP), general partnership, limited partnership, joint venture or sole proprietorship.

Limiting Risk And Positioning For Opportunity

Taking the right steps now for your mission will help you adapt to changing business environments, market conditions and risk factors. We will also help you limit your risk levels and position your business to seize opportunities with minimal legal obstacles.

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