Non-profit & Church Law Reviews

From the time I first consulted Robert Pautienus in 2007 about a personal legal matter, he has advised me wisely on a number of issues. I quickly noted that he sought to give me the legal advice that best suited my particular need. He never has offered "cookie cutter" answers. I believe he and the other members of the Fidelis Law adhere to the highest principles and ethics in the practice of law. The new name "Fidelis Law" is an excellent choice to describe this firm. It literally reflects the genuine character traits of its attorneys, namely, integrity, honesty, and loyalty.
Dr. Morris H. Chapman, Former President and CEO of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention, Nashville, Tennessee
I am very happy to have done business with Fidelis Law, from both a morale and legal stance. The firm will only do as they feel led, both from legal and scriptural discipline. When they go to work for a client they give all. When they go to work for a client they and their client can expect to have victory. I will continue to use Fidelis Law for any legal matters I have.