Divorcing Tennessee parents need to ensure kids feel loved

Facing the stress of divorce may be many Tennessee residents’ worst nightmare. However, when children are involved in these proceedings, parents may want to remember that their kids can also face a considerable deal of stress during this time. Therefore, individuals concerned with custody and other areas of family law should determine how to potentially make the situation easier on their children.

One of the most obvious — though sometimes overlooked — ways to help children through divorce is to ensure that they still feel loved. Because it may be easy to get wrapped up in the various tasks that come along with dissolving a marriage, providing attention to children may sometimes fall to the wayside. In order to hopefully prevent feelings of insecurity, parents may want to make sure that they reassure their kids that they are loved by both parents.

Additionally, some children may fear having to choose one parent over the other. Though some parents may think that children appreciate having a choice when it comes to whom to spend holidays or other occasions with, this task can place responsibility on the children for which they may not be ready. Children may also feel that if they choose one parent, the other parent will be hurt.

Some parents may not even realize that they have placed their kids in difficult positions. However, by remaining attentive, parents are in a good position to recognize when kids are struggling with custody or other divorce issues.

Tennessee parents concerned about custody decisions should speak with a skilled family law attorney to gain more insight.

Source: New York Daily News, “3 ways parents can protect their children during a divorce,” Jacqueline Newman, Aug. 18, 2017