Estate Planning and Probate

Last Will and Testament


Our firm assists individuals and families in all facets of estate planning in order to ensure that families are protected both now and for generations to come. Estate planning is a complex area of law and creating a plan on your own can often result in unintended outcomes if not done properly. We recognize that all clients are in different stages of life, have varying net worth, and have different priorities for their future. As a result, estate plans should be tailored in order to meet each and every client’s specific needs and circumstances.  Our estate planning attorneys have a combined 60 years of comprehensive experience in the areas of wills, revocable and irrevocable trusts, asset protection, gifting, special needs planning, advance care plans, and both financial and healthcare powers of attorney.

Wills are extremely important documents under Tennessee law, as wills are the guiding document setting forth the distribution of your estate upon your death. Wills also allow you to create trusts, select guardians, and structure distributions of assets for minor children and grandchildren. Without a will, your estate may be transferred in a manner that is not best for your family or intended beneficiaries, including, but not limited to negative tax implications, longer and more complex estate administration, and assets being distributed to/owned by minor children. At Fidelis Law, we work to help our clients craft comprehensive estate plans that are designed to efficiently distribute assets to beneficiaries in a manner that minimizes tax exposures and possible legal issues.

To start the estate planning process, we meet with clients initially to discuss their overall objectives for estate planning and, based upon their net worth, family structure, future goals, and variety of other factors, we present options that best fit each individual client. Following the initial intake meeting, we create drafts for your review and approval. Once the will is in final form, we schedule a closing at our offices where you can come and execute the will in front of two (2) witnesses, as required by law. We also realize that over the course of time, your wishes, financial status, and assets may change. Fidelis Law also assists with amending previously executed wills and ensuring that each client’s estate plan is up to date with the most recent state and federal laws. Please contact us if you would like to schedule an intake meeting for a will.

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Our firm strongly recommends legally establishing the desires of your family in advance with a comprehensive estate plan, which can include identifying a guardian for children, creating an advanced healthcare plan, and appointing a healthcare agent. However, if the need should arise to seek court appointment of a guardian or conservator, we can help.  We will handle your plan with the same care that we handle our own plans. Please call our office at 615-370-3010 or send us an email to begin the conversation with us.