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Child custody is a major issue with potential for heated disputes when parents have separated or divorced. The relationships that you have with the other parent and your children can make compromising and finding resolutions either easier, or much more difficult. The obligations that both parties and the court have with each child experiencing a separation of his or her parents is to act and rule, respectively, in the child's best interests.

At Fidelis Law, PLLC, we believe that children must be protected indefinitely and shielded from the contentiousness of the process of separation or divorce. There are plenty of methods and safeguards that can be used to prevent children from experiencing animosity between mom and dad.  Exposing or involving children in contentious arguments over custody has negative impacts on their development and their relationships with their parents.

Reaching Agreements In Tennessee Child Custody Cases

It is important to remember that decisions about child custody are ultimately made by the court. The family law judge will be able to detect signs of manipulation and will rule much more favorably if parties are able to reach agreement outside of court.

Our attorneys handling child custody will assist you in the following ways:

  • Sculpting a reasonable visitation or parenting plan
  • Making decisions and finding consensus concerning legal custody and physical custody
  • Planning for your child's safety at all times
  • Incorporating potential issues of parental relocation (often encountered with military, government and other mobile workers)
  • Managing post-decree custody modifications
  • Managing grandparent rights

Mediation between parties in efforts to reach amicable agreements is critical. We protect our clients' parental rights vigorously, and we can help you secure the best possible agreements for your family.

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