Using strategic presentation to protect business concepts

For many entrepreneurs in Tennessee, the thought of starting a business from an original idea is met with great excitement and anticipation for the future. Developing a concept from an idea to an actual product or service requires an immense amount of time and dedication. One of the biggest risks that entrepreneurs face is being able to protect their business concepts from being stolen and replicated.

Forbes suggests several strategic steps that start-up businesses can incorporate into their processes to better protect their concepts from competitors. These include the following:

  • They should know who their message recipients are. Investors are a powerful tool in building and developing any business concept. However, if sensitive information gets into the wrong hands, an entrepreneur’s success can be compromised.
  • They should be careful of the things they say. When pitching a new idea, entrepreneurs should be informative, but avoid revealing critical details that could compromise the confidentiality of their idea.
  •  They should document all communications with potential investors and partners where details about business concepts are discussed. These may be valuable in the future if their idea is compromised and they need evidence to back their claim.

Entrepreneur also suggests that up-and-coming businesses look into getting a patent as soon as they are able, to protect intellectual property from theft. Additionally, their efforts to form positive relations with their competitors can encourage responsible and ethical behavior from other companies in the industry. As a result, they may be better able to protect their business concepts from being used without their consent.